I have gotten up and down from my computer at least half a dozen times since I told myself to write this newsletter. Each time, I made some excuse to myself that I needed to do something, like get a couple of almonds to eat with the tiny chocolate Easter eggs that taste better when mixed with nuts (I need neither). Another time, I needed a new glass of water because I was drinking it like I just spent the last 2 hours in the hot sun working (the sun is neither hot nor am I outside laboring).

Procrastination is a nasty little thing. We look for all kinds of excuses not to do something. Not because we can’t do it but because we fear we won’t do it well or we aren’t sure how to do it. All you need to do is just start.

It’s easy to create a comfort zone and snuggle in, letting things go along nice and easy. We do this in our personal lives, and we do it as marketers.

I started a newsletter last year with very good intentions. I managed to write three editions, but then I hesitated and let procrastination slide in. Not because I didn’t know how to do it but because I questioned my ability to write something worth reading.

And so I paused, and I paused. And I got comfortable with not doing it (even though I really wanted to keep going). Here I am, almost one year later, starting again.

Now, obviously, I want you to read this newsletter. I want you to walk away with at least one idea. Whether it’s something I suggest or tell you someone else suggested. Or you read my ideas and it makes you think of something on your own (happens to me ALL THE TIME).

I want you to get out of your comfort zone and join me.

My daughter is a dancer, and she is prepping for three end-of-season competitions. She has three solos, a duo, and one group dance. She drags me or her duo partner to the studio early in the morning on the weekends to practice (she also practices throughout the week during dance classes). And she complains she sucks, or her dances suck (because she’s being challenged with parts of the choreo). But she keeps going and going. She is dedicated to practice because she knows she will continue to improve if she keeps going. And she does get that much better each time, and she complains less each time.

Dedication, commitment, and believing in yourself (even when it’s hard) are things I learned from my daughter. I already knew them, and I’ve practiced them in the past.

It’s time to practice them myself again.

Note: I promised myself I would not write a newsletter edition that is about me starting to write this again. So, I’ll end with a couple of things that might give you some ideas.

  • I talked with Contentstack’s new CMO, Gurdeep Dhillon, for Diginomica, and he had some very interesting things to say about marketing today. Watch for the interview to come out on Diginomica this week, or read some of his ideas on LinkedIn now, starting with this one.
  • April 17th at 2 pm ET, I’ll be talking with Rebecca Schneider, AvenueCX, on the Content Matters podcast about the role of taxonomy and metadata in the world of AI. You can join the event here.
  • This week, I am interviewing Jerome Levadoux. He is 6sense’s first Chief Product Officer. That seems strange to me, so I am looking forward to this conversation.

Are you stuck in your comfort zone? Is your marketing or writing stuck in a comfort zone? Share with me in the comments.

My focus for the newsletter going forward is to examine ways for marketers and marketing strategies to get out of their comfort zones. As I write this, I already have some ideas on what we’ll talk about next.

Thanks for reading and sticking with my newsletter and gap year.