Content Marketing

From strategy all the way through delivery, a solid content marketing strategy requires understanding your company objectives, your customer needs and delivering an approach that ensures both succeed. Our services include defining the right messaging and strategic stories for your brand, identifying target audiences and ICP (ideal customer profile), mapping the buyer’s journey and defining an editorial plan that includes the right channels, content assets, and stories. We listen carefully, research thoroughly and plan meticulously. 

Social Media Strategy

There are many ways a brand can leverage social media including building awareness, sharing insights and thought leadership, updating and supporting customers. Social media is also a great research tool to help you better understand your customers and audience, keep an eye on the competition, monitor industry trends and news and more. We can help you devise the best social media strategy for your company.

Editorial Strategy

Maybe you need a strategy for your blog, or you’ve decided to kick off an online magazine. We work with you to understand your objectives and define your overall strategy, including identifying your audience and the stories you need to tell. We design the audience experience and map the content strategy. We’ll even help you develop your authors and editors. We’ll conduct a content audit to determine existing content that supports your plans. Already have something on the go and…

Product Marketing

We can help define your product positioning and messaging framework within target markets and conduct market research to determine competitive differentiation. Development of sales and marketing collateral including sales presentations, datasheets, solution guides, videos, press releases, technical ebooks, blog posts and more. We can also help build demand generation programs, identifying persons, messaging, channels, CTA and the creation campaign assets.

Content Collaboration

You want to share your views and insights, and you need help. Whether it’s a regular column, a blog post, a book or something else, we can help get your best voice out there. Maybe you need some editorial guidance to find your voice and frame your thoughts. Or maybe you need someone to take those ideas and produce great content. We believe the best thought leadership is a collaboration where we work together to ensure your ideas are clearly…

Competitive Research & Analysis

For technology providers, we research your market and provide insights on the competition and where you can differentiate your content and product marketing. We specialize in enterprise software including web content management, digital experience management, enterprise content management (content services, information governance, analytics), and marketing technology.

Account-based Marketing

If you like the idea of account-based marketing and aren’t sure where to start we can help you define your strategy. We’ll work with marketing and sales to identify your ideal customer profile, research target accounts and the key contacts within those accounts. We’ll help define the buyer’s journey and what campaigns, content assets and advertising strategies are required. And we’ll work with you to define the metrics, measurements, and KPIs you’ll need in place to track the performance of…

Technology Evaluation/Advice

For buyers, we work with you to define your requirements, then conduct research and product evaluations recommending a short list of vendors for you to review in detail. We are technology agnostic and customer-focused.