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Content Matters Podcast

We’re in Season 4 of the Content Matters Podcast, sponsored by Ingeniux. Every month, I talk with industry experts in marketing, content strategy, digital experience, and more. 

My responsibilities include: finding guests, hosting, and producing each episode, promotions, and more.

About Ingeniux: Ingeniux delivers headless CX, portals, and customer content management software. They help organizations unify their product documentation and marketing content and deliver it contextually to every channel and platform.

Content Matters Podcast

“I don’t come into a project with a know it all attitude. I come in with a desire to understand what you are trying to do and help you figure out how to do it. And guess what? It works.”

Barb on DIginomica


Agatha Health

Website Copy/Design

marketing strategy


Marketing, content & ABM 

DZS Agatha Whitepaper

Pillar Page (Skyscraper)

Treasure Data’s What is a CDP

Canva Work

Social Media Content

Visual & Copy for Social Media

DZS Agatha Whitepaper


How CROs and Sponsors Work Together w/ETMF

GDPR Ingeniux

Pillar Page (Skyscraper)

GDPR: Digital Experience in the Age of Consumer Privacy

Ingeniux CCP


What is a CCP & Why You Need One

Renna Partners Whitepaper


Managing Technology in a Carve-Out Transaction

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