About Me

Content marketing + Product Marketing + Content Strategy

I’m Barb Mosher Zinck

I want to help you create content-driven experiences that your audience and customers love and make them want to work with you, share and learn with you. Whether it’s written content, a podcast or webinar series, or something else, I can help you define the right strategy and build the best content.

I collaborate with you to understand your market, define and implement strategies to connect with those audiences, and create content that educates, informs, excites, and helps your customers make the best decisions.

For me, it’s about your customers, which, in the end, makes it about you.

Writing/Content Marketing

IT (Solutions Architect)



“I don’t believe there are boring markets or boring products. If you are looking at a project from the perspective of the customer, you find the best stories and you learn how to tell them.”

My Skills

I have worked with clients doing a range of programs and projects, from content strategy and content marketing to email marketing, product marketing, account-based marketing, and sales enablement.

From strategy all the way through delivery, a solid content marketing strategy requires understanding your company objectives, your customer needs and delivering an approach that ensures both succeed. Our services include defining the right messaging and strategic stories for your brand, identifying target audiences and ICP (ideal customer profile), mapping the buyer’s journey, and defining an editorial plan that includes the right channels, content assets, and stories. We listen carefully, research thoroughly, and plan meticulously. 

  • Copy Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Account-based Marketing

It can be hard to find the right person to help you. I don’t assume I am that person. But you won’t know until we talk.

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