Marketing and content strategy often feels like a puzzle – let’s piece it together.

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ghostwriting / thought leadership


You are a leader who is full of great ideas and wants to share them with others, but you aren’t sure where to start. You need help developing your premise, and putting your ideas into words on paper.

Let’s work together to define your strategy and put it into action. Whether it’s a blog series, an email course, a LinkedIn post series, or something else, together we can make it happen.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

You need help defining your content marketing strategy.


  • Review existing content: blog, whitepapers, customer stories, and other content.
  • Research market, competition.
  • Review and/or conduct customer interviews/VOC of information.
  • Interview your current team. 
  • Deliver recommended content marketing strategy, including audience, messaging, story concepts, content assets, and performance metrics to monitor. 
Website Messaging/Copy

Content Development

You need help with content for a project or a regular monthly supply of content assets.

  • Blogs
  • Customer Stories
  • Whitepapers
  • Website copy
  • ebooks
  • Infographics
  • Webinar/Podcast Content
  • Product datasheets

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Current / Past Clients

Snipp Interactive
Treasure Data
Agatha Life

If you don’t have a documented content strategy, it’s time to get one. Without understanding who you want to reach, why, and how, you’ll struggle to realize true outcomes.

And I’m not just talking about ROI, because there’s more to a successful content strategy/thought leadership than proving hard numbers.

So, what’s your content strategy?