Knotch Search Engine

Knotch Releases Search Engine for Sponsored Content

This article first appeared on CMS-Connected: If you’re working on your branded content strategy and you want to understand what’s happening in your industry and what the competition is doing, especially with their sponsored content, then you might want to check out Knotch. Knotch provides an Intelligence Suite for Brands, a suite of tools that help brands track the performance of their branded content and keep an eye on what’s happening in their industry with publishers and competition. I…

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Getting Customer Obsessed - Interview with Eric Berridge

Customer Obsessed With Bluewolf’s Eric Berridge – CMS-Connected

Eric Berridge, CEO of Bluewolf, an IBM Company, has a new book out called Customer Obsessed. I could not pass up an opportunity to read a book that looks at how organizations need to blend people, process and technology to create exceptional customer experiences. I’m not finished the book yet, but I did get an opportunity to talk with Berridge about some of his ideas. Note: This article was first published on CMS-Connected. You can read it there as well: …

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