Knowing which prospects and customers to focus time and effort on is critical for marketing and sales success. You can’t hit everyone; you have to hit the right ones. Predictive and AI can help.

How is the technology adapting to support sales intelligence? I spoke with one predictive sales and marketing platform vendor to get a feel for how the market is evolving.

In my discussion with Sean Zinsmeister, VP of Product Marketing at Infer, he talked about three main issues sales and marketing face.

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Talking to Sean Zinsmeister was fun. Not only did we talk about predictive marketing and how his company’s solution meets the needs of both marketing and sales, but we also shared insights on the industry overall and that’s always fun. We covered a lot of topics including predictive, account-based marketing, sales intelligence and the converging relationship between sales and marketing. So when I had to write my piece for Diginomica I wanted to make I wasn’t just putting out another piece about ABM. Sean shared some interesting ideas of how predictive supports Sales and that’s the angle I went with.