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Almost twenty years in the technology industry sounds like a long time, but it doesn’t feel like it. When you meet me there are a few things you notice. I’m quiet. I like to listen to your story. And I listen very well. Then I like to talk, so we can understand each other better and know that working together is right for both of us. I know the industry pretty well, I’ve certainly talked to many vendors and reviewed their software. You’ll also notice I don’t brag, I let my work speak for me, and what it says is that I get it and I can communicate it to your audience the way they need to hear it.

My Services page walks you through the different services my company provides, along with some of the technology vendors I work/worked with. My contact page tells you the best way to get in touch with me. I would love the opportunity to talk to you about your business, your challenges and how I can help.

Interested in a little more background? Read on.

My story is simple. I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Marketing at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I went on to get a certificate in IT and spent the next ten years working for both consulting and private companies. I started as a functional analyst/developer, dabbled in project management, spent many years as an application architect and almost as many helping my company win new customers through RFP development, presentations, and pricing proposals. And guess what? I loved it all.

My love of writing, and what was happening with the web and Internet, eventually drew me into a different direction and I spent five years working with an online magazine, first as a writer, then an editor, and finally as VP Editorial. A difference in opinion and a desire for more control and a bigger voice changed my direction again.

I took all my knowledge of marketing technology software, and web and enterprise software and I packaged it with my marketing background, my talent for writing and my ability to find the best story in everything and here I am, working with some of the best technology vendors in the space. 

Plus I continue to share my experiences and those of others in the industry through regular columns with Diginomica and CMS-Connected. And of course, there’s Digital Tech Diary, my website focused on the technology side of the martech industry. Do me a favor and check out those sites to get a feel for my writing style and my knowledge.

And when I am not thinking about business, I spend time with my husband and three kids, dancing, playing hockey, swimming, watching movies and just plain having fun.

A little about BMZ Content Strategies
Owned by Barb Mosher Zinck, BMZ Content Strategies provides content marketing services, and technology research/analysis for clients in the enterprise software business. We can help you define and design your strategy and produce the content that meets the needs of your customers.
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Phone: 347-223-5108
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