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Content Marketing Strategy

It starts with understanding your business objectives and how you define success. Then we walk in your customers’ shoes and understand their needs and desires. From there we can formulate a content marketing strategy that works for you and your customers. It won’t be simple, but it will be worth it.

Content Development

Whitepapers, web pages, blog posts, ebooks, infographics, video scripts, social media, datasheets, solution guides – whether you need help deciding which is the right one, or you simply need one written. And, if you need some editorial guidance and feedback on your own writing, we can help.

Research and Evaluations

Ten years working directly in IT, eight years talking to software vendors as a journalist/analysts – if you want to get past the hype and understand which solutions are best for you, we can help. And, if you want to know how your content marketing stacks up against the competition, we can show you.

Your stories told well are their stories, told right...
What we offer you

Content Marketing

From strategy all the way through delivery, a solid content marketing strategy requires understanding your company objectives, your customer needs and delivering an approach that ensures both succeed. We listen carefully, research thoroughly and plan meticulously. And our content asset development is top notch!

Editorial Strategy

Maybe you need a strategy for your blog, or you’ve decided to kick off an online magazine. We work with you to understand your objectives and define your strategy. Then we design the audience experience and outline the content strategy. We’ll even help you develop your authors and editors. Already have something on the go and need some objective feedback and insights? We can do that too.

Product Marketing

Datasheets, solution guides, press releases, technical ebooks, blog posts, the list goes on. You need assistance creating your product marketing assets and we know what to do. We support the creation of email and social media campaigns around your products.

Ghostwriting & Editing

You want to share your views and insights, and you need help. Whether it’s a regular column, a blog post, a book or something else, we can help get your best voice out there. Maybe you need some editorial guidance to find your voice and frame your thoughts. Or maybe you need someone to take those ideas and produce great content. In either case, we’ve got your back.

Research & Analysis

For technology providers, we research your market and provide insights on the competition and where you can differentiate your content and product marketing.

Content Audits

No one ever starts with a blank slate. Content hides in every nook and cranny of your company. A content audit surfaces all that content and content creators you’ll need to fulfill your content marketing plans.

Technology Evaluation/Advice

For buyers, we work with you to define your requirements, then conduct research and product evaluations recommending a short list of vendors for you to review in detail. We are technology agnostic and customer-focused.

What they say about us

Barb has a unique skill set. She can cross both the technical and business sides of most projects and communicates clearly, in writing and words, with any audience. She is professional, easy to work with and a great asset to any team.

Andrew Clarke

Andrew Clarke, former colleague at CGI, Maritime Life/Manulife

Barb is an insightful writer and content marketer, and she knows the industry inside and out. She ran the content marketing initiatives for me at Nuxeo. Not only could I always count on her to deliver well-crafted articles, on time, but she had good recommendations for improving the distribution, tracking, and impact of our content. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Jane Zupan, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Attivio

Barb adds value in every interaction and transforms team members’ ideas into polished deliverables in line with strategic goals. She’s professional, direct, and knowledgeable, and that shines through in savvy and smart content. It’s such a privilege to work with someone of Barb’s caliber.

Jen Klein

Jen Klein, Marketing Campaign Manager, Everteam
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